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LS SteveJ

Errorcode: 00021FE7

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When using Ad-Aware on Windows ME / 98, Ad-Aware.exe may crash with the error message "Exception EReadError in Modul in Ad-Aware.exe bei 00021FE7"




This error is most likely caused by a missing or old version of Richedit on your system.




Richedit dll files need to be installed on the system


The richedit dll files (riched20.dll & riched32.dll) can be downloaded from


Download the two zip files from the links provided above.


Unzip the files using an application such as winzip. You will get two files : (riched20.dll & riched32.dll)


Copy these files and paste them into c:\windows\system32 or c:\winnt\system32


Try to start up Ad-Aware again.

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