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1. Adware is back on. I was unaware that it was off.


2. Firefox is my browser. Yes, the DNS unlocker was on it yesterday, but I refreshed Firefox with addons/extensions disabled and tested it today. I went to three offending web sites where it would pop up. The Home Depot, Pier 1 and Bed Bath and Beyond. It did not appear to be there today. This has worked in the past only to pop up again.


3. Yes, Secunia is installed, but I connot run it. It tells me there is an old version and that it has to deinstall/reinstall. Then it tries to deinstall and is unsuccessful. I am trying to reinstall it again. The virus was so bad at one point, I could not even download the install file. I would use my laptop (windows 8) to down load it and then run it from a thumb drive on my PC. I am trying again now. What should I do if it is successful? It is getting frustrating. I think that I will try to deinstall it through the control panel, and go back to the Sucunia website and try again.


4. The fixlog is attached. I ran CCleaner yesterday to clear up some stuff, so it might not be as bad as you think.


5. Yes, I can install Chrome. What exactly do you want me to install and why?


The reason that I have not been able to respond quickly to all of your hard work in this forum is the following: My computer storage is very low and I would like to transfer a bunch of stuff to an external drive, but I did not want to do that until the virus was purged. The amount of free space is down to less than a gig. On an old computer like this, it makes it run very slow. My goal is to be able to free up half of the hard drive and to be able to run my accounting without fear of security issues. Is it your opinion that if I run the Ad Ware software that my computer is safe? Can I feel free to download my accounting?


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1. Good! :)

2. I keep my fingers crossed ;)
But if it returns you're welcome back.

3. Maybe it isn't compatible with XP nowadays. Please, uninstall it.
Firefox - Add-ons -... you can check if all extensions (Flash etc.) are updated.

4. Looks good.

5. You wrote that Sales Force wanted you to use Chrome and I only wanted to know if there was a problem with installing it.

Well, FRST deleted more than 1 GB from recycle bins and temporary folders and when you uninstall FRST and AdwCleaner below, their quarantine folders will be deleted and you will get more free space.

Please, turn off all programs, including browsers.
Double-click on AdwCleaner to start the program.
Click on the Uninstall button.

Please download OTC to uninstall FRST:
Close all programs.
Start OTC program.
Click the CleanUp! button.
Select Yes when asked "Begin cleanup process".
If you are asked to reboot, select Yes.
If any logs remain on the computer you can remove them.

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Hi Cecilia,


I just wanted to thank you so much for all your hard work. The adware is gone, and I have been able to clean up (archive) some of the copius amounts of data on my PC. I am able to do my normal functions that I have not been able to do for some time because of the virus and security concerns. I had a lot of catching up to get back to business as usual (including thank you notes to hard working bloggers!). Everything look good now, and and I am much more confident.


Even though I have removed as much as 15% of the total drive volume, the PC is still sluggish to open mail (thunderbird) and the browswer (firefox). Is this just due to the age of the PC, drive, processor, etc.? Or, is there something tha I am missing and should do to speed things up. I have refreshed firefox multiple times. An my paging file seems to be at the max abount. Any insider suggestions?


It may be that the adware/virusware is just slowing things down and it is the nature of the beast if I do not want to get another infection. When I am not on line, the PC is quite fast and runs sophisticated design software in a very speedy fashion. I am thinking that it is just the way that it goes when you are running a 13 year old operating system (I love XP though, and NT!! Microsoft's best work!), and new browsers. I use my windows 8 phone and laptop for most of my work in the field, so using this PC as a design station off line works just fine for me. It would be nice to have it run faster when trying to get mail and surf.


Anyway, my experience with this forum, and especially you, has been amazing. Thank you so much. Your work matters and you should always remember that! You have made me a very happy girl!

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Hi Walzie,


You're welcome, it has been a pleasure to help you :)

I'm glad all adware have continued to be gone..


Total physical RAM: 511.48 MB (From the last Addition.txt)
That is a major cause to the computer being sluggish when browsing the internet etc. Web pages are much larger and more complex now than 10 years ago. Windows can't keep everything it needs in the RAM memory and is instead using a lot of virtual memory (paging file) on the hard disk and the hard disk is much slower than RAM memory. If it's possible to insert more RAM memory in the computer, it'll be much faster.

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Since this issue appears to be resolved ... this Topic has been closed. Glad we could help. :)

If you're the topic starter, and need this topic reopened, please contact the staff member who was helping you with your issue.

Everyone else please begin a New Topic.

Thank you !

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