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Getting rid of findingdiscount.exe

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I'm trying to get rid of findingdiscount.exe It is annoying malware that causes numerous annoying pop-ups.

Ad Aware pro security does not pick it up.

Kaspersky does not pick it up.

I was able to uninstall it in "control panel" in safe mode, but I cannot stop it from running in task manager as "findingdiscount.exe*32" (it says the program is running) and it still throws up pop-ups.


Please Help




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Hi 442xx,


1. Please uninstall Kaspersky, since having two antivirus programs and two firewalls will cause strange behaviour, conflicts and maybe a less secure computer. It'll also be more difficult to remove malware and adware. If you install Ad-Aware in compatible mode without real-time protection etc., it's possible to have it together with another antivirusprogram, but that isn't the case in your computer.



2. Please, start Notepad.
Copy all text that is in the box:

ProxyEnable: [.DEFAULT] => Proxy is enabled.
ProxyServer: [.DEFAULT] => http=
ProxyEnable: [S-1-5-21-2677425893-3187432021-3708057545-1000] => Proxy is enabled.
ProxyServer: [S-1-5-21-2677425893-3187432021-3708057545-1000] => http=

CMD: ipconfig /flushdns
and paste in Notepad. Check that no files have been split on two lines.
Save the file as fixlist.txt on the desktop.

Exit all programs.
Start FRST, please.
Click the Fix button.
Wait until the tool has finished.

It creates a log file, called Fixlog.txt, on the desktop.
Please, paste the content of that file in your reply.



3. Please, save AdwCleaner by Xplode on the desktop:

Turn off all programs, including browsers.
Double-click on AdwCleaner to start the program.

Click on the Scan button.
Wait until the search has finished.

Click on the Log file button.
A report will be displayed, copy its content and paste into your reply.
If the report isn't displayed, it's available as C:\AdwCleaner\AdwCleaner[R0].txt.


4. Please uninstall "Java 7 Update 45" since it's a very old version with many known vulnerabilitis and can be exploited by a web page to infect the computer.

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Thanks for your help. Before I read your reply, I used Malwarebytes to remove most of the findingdiscount crap (malwarebytes stopped it from running in the task manager). I then went into safe mode and deleted the rest of the findingdiscount crap.



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You're welcome :)


Have you deleted the proxy server setting?

It's part of the infection but I don't if Malwarebytes Anti-Malware removes it, and you didn't specify that you changed it..

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