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Problem with LavasoftTcpService.dll


Good day.



I noticed a problem caused by LavasoftTcpService.dll. When downloading files for Guild Wars 2 the client/laucher would keep on crashing, closing or on rare occasions give me a crashlog. This .dll has been pointed out as the problem.


So apparently at some point I installed one of your products and when I search for "lavasoft" on my harddrive I find "LavasoftLSPInstaller.exe" as well as many other .dll files that seem to belong to it. I don't remember why, when or how I installed it.


Anyway I tried to just delete LavasoftTcpService.dll, but it always seems to be used by some other process.

Additionally I have NO programm or service provided by this currently installed or active, in fact I had the servcie LavasoftTcpService permanently deactivated.


Now here are my question: How can I remove preferably all files connected to this without causing problems? I've heard of cases where deleting it caused the permanent loss of the internet connection.

And: why does it still affect anything when I have nothing installed?

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Hi VDman,


Let us see what's going on in your computer.

Please, download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) and save it on the desktop:
For 64 bits Windows: http://download.bleepingcomputer.com/farbar/FRST64.exe
For 32 bits Windows: http://download.bleepingcomputer.com/farbar/FRST.exe

Start the FRST program.

Read the disclaimer and click Yes to accept it.
Click Scan button.
When done, FRST will create two log files, called FRST.txt and Addition.txt, on the desktop.

Please, attach them to your reply (press More Reply Options button to see how to attach files).

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