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The malware currently on my pc keeps launching whatever browser i'm using - whether explorer or firefox. It launches so many windows that everything gets disabled. I ran a scan last eve and everything appeared to be OK for a few minutes, but the malware came back. I cannot use the pc. I tried sending a support claim a few moments ago, but the computer shut down. Can you help me? I'm ready to tear out my hair and/or throw this foolish machine out the window! Please and thank you



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Hi Bridie,

1. The following script will empty the recycle bin and all folders for temporary files. Check that you don't have anything you want to keep in those locations.

Please, start Notepad.
Copy all text that is in the box:

Tcpip\Parameters: [NameServer]
Tcpip\..\Interfaces\{AF77B443-C614-4430-9F4B-58673BEE23DA}: [NameServer]
Tcpip\..\Interfaces\{AF77B443-C614-4430-9F4B-58673BEE23DA}: [DhcpNameServer]
Tcpip\..\Interfaces\{CF0CE3DD-3AEF-414A-829C-E4A2A9CC675B}: [NameServer]
Tcpip\..\Interfaces\{E219CD39-C589-41E0-A306-9B1F7A8271C0}: [NameServer]
Tcpip\..\Interfaces\{E219CD39-C589-41E0-A306-9B1F7A8271C0}: [DhcpNameServer]
BHO: No Name -> {E76FD755-C1BA-4DCB-9F13-99BD91223ADE} -> No File
2016-06-24 07:05 - 2016-06-24 07:05 - 00000000 ____D C:\ProgramData\9d1ecae7-4375-0
2016-06-24 07:01 - 2016-06-24 07:01 - 00022156 _____ C:\Windows\System32\Tasks\DNSWAXHAW
2016-06-24 07:00 - 2016-06-24 19:06 - 00000000 ____D C:\ProgramData\2ebe6e54
2016-06-24 07:00 - 2016-06-24 07:01 - 00000000 ____D C:\Program Files (x86)\DNSWAXHAW
2016-06-24 07:00 - 2016-06-24 07:00 - 00000000 ____D C:\ProgramData\9d1ecae7-5d97-0
2016-06-24 07:00 - 2016-06-24 07:00 - 00000000 ____D C:\ProgramData\{33151041-112c-0}
2016-06-24 07:00 - 2016-06-24 07:00 - 00000000 ____D C:\ProgramData\{027c622d-212c-1}
2016-06-24 07:01 - 2016-05-26 19:48 - 00000000 ____D C:\ProgramData\f634f4b5-7b25-1
2016-06-24 07:00 - 2016-05-26 19:48 - 00000000 ____D C:\ProgramData\f634f4b5-1507-0
Task: {2E0F0B6C-E99A-492E-8EF6-2B0324A3C5F7} - System32\Tasks\DNSWAXHAW => dnswaxhaw.exe <==== ATTENTION
Task: {E4F83E3C-2805-4B0A-A2F6-628B495FA611} - \{416F53F0-D003-987B-E6CA-1E9D54A58857} -> No File <==== ATTENTION
IE trusted site: HKU\.DEFAULT\...\ -> hxxp://
IE trusted site: HKU\S-1-5-21-4077693427-1581472121-3924307612-1001\...\ -> hxxp://
CMD: ipconfig /flushdns
CMD: netsh winsock reset catalog
CMD: netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt

and paste in Notepad. Check that no files have been split on two lines.
Save the file as fixlist.txt on the desktop.

Exit all programs.

Please, save FRST on the desktop, it can't be run from the webpage.

Start FRST, please.
Click the Fix button.
Wait until the tool has finished.

It creates a log file, called Fixlog.txt, on the desktop.
Please, paste the content of that file in your reply.



2. Run an online scan with Eset (easiest with Internet Explorer):
To shorten the scanning time disable your antivirus program while scanning.

Select Enable detection of potentially unwanted applications.
Click Advanced Settings.

Deselect Remove found threats (important since false positives might be detected).

Scan Archives
Scan for potentially unsafe applications
Enable Anti-Stealth Technology

Click Start.

When the scan is finished, click on List of found threats and then Export to text file. Copy the content of the text file and paste its content in your reply.

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