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Nothing found for the past 4 months.


I have the free version 12 as a second line defence. MacAfee is first. I set this up on 4 different systems, and it has found nothing for over 4 months. This really makes me wonder what's going on? How can I verify that it's actually working? and is anyone else having this problem?

Since I really hate the new layout, is the older version 11 still supported?  I'd love to change back. 
(UPDATE: I just downloaded version 11 from the web site. When I went to install it the installer says it's version 12. How do I revert back to 11 if there is no fix to 12. -also I'm using W10 build 1703)



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Hi Jaz,

Congrats to no malicious files during several months that's is good, and fortunately most users don't discover any malicious files. Do you think that you download malicious files or visit malicious web sites since you're worried?

You can download the EICAR test files to check if an antivirus program is working.They are harmless but all well-known antivirus programs are programmed to detect them as if they were malicious. In your case you've to disable McAfee antivirus program first since it should quarantine the file immediately.
EICAR: http://www.eicar.org/85-0-Download.html

Version 11 is still supported but it'll nag you about updating. Here is an installation file: http://www.lavasoft.com/mylavasoft/support/supportcenter/run_on_a_frozen_pc/ad-aware-standalone-installer

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