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Full Install Guide

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To start the installation program of the Lavasoft Personal Firewall system:


1. VERY IMPORTANT! Before installing Lavasoft Personal Firewall, uninstall any other firewall software on your computer to prevent a system conflict of different firewalls fighting to control network access and reboot.

2. Close all open applications.

3. Click the Start button on the Windows task bar.

4. Select Run on the Start menu.

5. In the Open field of the Run dialog window, enter the full path to the setup program file (lpfw.exe). For example, if the setup program is on disk C: in the folder Program Files and subfolder Personal Firewall, type into this field: C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Personal Firewall\LavasoftFirewallInstall1.0.exe

6. Click the ?? button to start the setup wizard. The wizard contains several steps, each having a Next button that takes you to the next step of the procedure, a Back button that returns you to the previous step and a Cancel button that exits the wizard and aborts the entire setup procedure.

7. Setup will display the Welcome dialog that reminds you to close all running applications. Click the Next button. This will bring up the Licence Agreement.

8. The License Agreement will ask you to accept the terms of license so that you can use the Lavasoft Personal Firewall. Please read it carefully. This dialog's Next button is enabled only if you select the option button I accept the agreement indicating that the License Agreement is acceptable to you.

9. After you have accepted the License Agreement, the Next button brings you to the Select Destination Location step. This dialog allows you to either accept the default destination location or specify a different one. Click the Next button to proceed to the last step before actual installation.

10. When you are ready to go ahead with the installation, click the Install button. The program displays the installation progress window.

11. After the installation is finished, you are prompted to configure the Lavasoft Personal Firewall settings. Select how you want to configure Lavasoft Personal Firewall:

* Automatic Configuration: Lavasoft Personal Firewall will scan your system and adjust all settings without your interference. Firewall will create the specific rule for each of the applications, network rules and build the Component control database. The rules are created to provide the optimal system performance and applications security.

* Configuration Wizard - Lavasoft Personal Firewall will guide you through the configuration process, allowing you to select specific configuration settings for each of the networks to which your system is connected and for each of the installed network-enabled applications. Also you will be prompted to enable Component control.

12. After selecting your preferred configuration, click Next.

13. Personal Firewall automatically detects network environment. To view and edit the network settings, click the Change button. You can change these settings any time later when working with Lavasoft Personal Firewall. See the Options chapter under System in the online User Guide for details.

14. When you are happy with your network settings, click Next.

15. Personal Firewall starts searching applications installed on your computer that might require Internet access.


You can view the list of those applications and edit the suggested security rules for each of them, using the Details button.


You can change these settings any time later when working with Lavasoft Personal Firewall. See the Options chapter under Application in the online User Guide for details.


You can cancel rule configuration for the specific application by simply clearing the check box to the right of its name.

16. Click OK to save and Next to proceed.

17. The next step will prompt you to enable the Component Control to make Personal Firewall monitor not only applications, but also their components.


Click Next to finish configuring Personal Firewall.

18. After the settings are configured you will see the final configuration dialog. You can configure other Lavasoft Personal Firewall settings like firewall policy, system traffic rules, and others by clicking the Advanced button. The Lavasoft Firewall Options dialog will be displayed, see the online User Guide for further details.

19. By default the configuration is saved in the Lavasoft Personal Firewall installation folder. If you wish to save it to an alternate location, click Change and specify a path to save the configuration to.

20. Click Finish to complete installation. You will be asked to reboot your system.


IMPORTANT: Do not launch Lavasoft Personal Firewall manually using the Start button menu or Windows Explorer right after installing it. You must reboot your computer before Lavasoft Personal Firewall can start to protect your system.

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