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Cat Computer

adaware antivirus is cleaning your computer... What?!


So today I was going to just go along and do some computing today. I pressed the power button, the computer booted up, it showed the windows logo along with the spinning dots. And then...

I get this weird message before windows even shows a login screen. So after reading exactly what the computer just spat out at me, I begin to think "Cleaning? I never wanted my computer cleaned!" I have a very strong desire to try and avoid multiple kinds of "Computer Cleaners" due to their almost self destructive nature to delete the wrong files. And after starting the computer, my internet options have been reset as well, which does not lend much credence to the "Cleaning" aspect of whatever is causing this.

As far as I know, no one else is having this issue. And NO! I did not and never have installed a cleaner on this computer! And besides, the fact that a program is cleaning my computer before I even see a login screen is troubling.

I hope someone will be able to provide me some closure on what exactly this program is doing when it boots up. Thank you!


System Specs:

Windows 8.1 / 6.3.9600 Build 9600

Acer Aspire X3-100

8G RAM / 1TB Hard Drive

AMD Quad Core A10-5700



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Hi Cat Computer,

I think adaware antivirus scanned your computer at boot of Windows, found some infected files (threats) and cleaned the computer by either moving those files to its quarantine or deleting them. Many antivirus programs run scans early in the boot process to be able to catch more rootkits before they've been able to hide themselves.

Please, read the report(s) with the right time stamp to find out what was found, cleaned and not cleaned: https://www.adaware.com/user-guide/scan_reports
If you need help with the interpretation of the report or with further actions, you can attach the report to your reply (or paste its content into the reply if you prefer that).

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