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How to totally unsubscribe, totally remove Adaware?


I'm totally dissatisfied with Adaware and I don't want any discussion about why / how to fix or whatever.

I just want to quickly unsubscribe / totally remove Adaware from my notebook.

Please take a look at the small attachment.

Appreciate any advice, instructions, thank you.


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Hi scorecard,

I've copied the important information from your document and pasted below to make it easier to read it:


I went to the screen immediately copied below and clicked on ‘uninstall’


Nothing happens, I wait quite a few minutes then I get another screen which mentions uninstall and asks me to click on ‘REMOVE’, but I cannot make this screen scroll down to actually see the ‘REMOVE’ option. (I know REMOVE is there lower on the screen, I can see it in miniature when I click on the Adaware icon in the bottom tray.)

After a long wait, I click ‘uninstall’ again and then get another Adaware screen telling me that ‘Installation has started’ and a big X.


When I try to click on the X nothing happens / this screen seems to be locked.


I've deleted your document from your post since it contained your email address and that can be misused by someone else.

How long time have you waited when the screen seems to be locked?

Please, try to repair adaware antivirus by first clicking the Modify button seen in the screenshot above and then repair, see https://www.adaware.com/antivirus/troubleshoot. When the repair is finished, please restart the computer and try to uninstall again.

If still unsuccessful, please see https://www.adaware.com/removal-tool on how to use the Removal Tool.

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