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Obtrusive update window, yet when updated it won't complete


The update window that continually pops up is extremely intrusive. If it were to update definitions that would be one thing, but it wants you to completely reinstall every time there's an update. Most likely to try and up-sell the services. I gave in to update and it stalls at about 80%.  Left it on for two days with no change.

About a year ago I tried Adaware and the EXACT same thing happened.  So now for the second time, I have to completely uninstall this application.  I will not try again this time.

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Hi knownote,

Difficult to know in which way that your computer is different from all the computers that can install the updates. Have you another antivirusprogram or similar program that might block the update process?

It's important to install also the latest program updates since it e.g. could be a security problem with the old version.

How to report a problem: https://forum.adaware.com/index.php?/topic/34799-how-to-report-a-problem/

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