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Lavasoft turned to Malware?!


Lavasoft used to be a cool company as they had a free product called Ad-Aware SE Personal which REALLY removed spyware/adware and other not needed (this was like 10 years or so ago). It turns out couple of years back they went rogue and joined the dark side!

My browser currently opens for homepage http://securedsearch.lavasoft.com/?pr=vmn&id=webcompa&ent=hp_WCYID10438__181101

And it shows the adaware "secure" search

How the is this not a scam/malware/spyware/ransomware/crapware/adware (not ad aware as they claim) if:

1. I didn't give my permission to install this

2. I am not able to normally remove it as it simply doesn't show any removal options

3. How is this secure if it installs without my permission and intentionally it isn't removed when I want it removed

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Hi TriviumGG,

1. Secure Search is usually installed when you install another program since other program manufacturers are paid when they distribute Secure Search together with their program.  According to the rules for doing this, the manufacturers must give the users the option to deny the installation of Secure Search. Which programs did you install before Secure Search was installed?

2. It should be enough to go through the settings of the browser and select the wanted start page, search engine etc.

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