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Cannot update definition after Upgrade to version 12.


Dear Support,

I had been using the FREE version 11 antivirus, after upgrade to version 12.

I encounter hung 2 to 4% when update definitions.

Therefore, i uninstall & re-install antivirus version 12. but also failed to update definitions.

It stated as "Definitions cannot be update. something prevent to definitions from update & try later".

Tried so many days later also not successfully.


Care to provide how to solve the update for my definitions update? thanks?


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20 hours ago, CeciliaB said:

Hi Puppy.tbh,

Maybe there are some left-overs of version 11 that disturbs version 12. Please uninstall adaware and then use the removal tool: https://www.adaware.com/removal-tool

Reboot the computer before installing Adaware again, please.

Hi Support,

Regards to this issue, I follow the link and remove the uninstall & install again.

But the message still appear that I cannot update the definition.

Care to advise me what is the next step that I able to do?

Something prevent for the update.

seek for your kind advise & many thanks in advance. regards


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Hi again,

Do you've any other antivirus program or any similar programs installed?
Are you using a VPN or a proxy-server for internet connections?

Note that I'm a volunteer since it's only possible to contact the support team when you've a paid version of adaware.

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