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Problem B: Windows 7

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----------------------- Problem B: Windows 7 :

Hello everyone, 
I dusted off an old Acer Aspire One D255 Notebook that I had used until the beginning of 2018, but the Windows 7 had disappeared following 
a wrong operation: no operating system detected / NTLDR is missing at boot, 
I created a Windows 7 Starter installation USB key by downloading the iso that had in a tutorial from LeCrabeInfo, with WinToBootic or Rufus, 
and when I boot from this key on this Acer notebook gives me a menu with the choice: 
-Install Windows 7 (OEM embed) 
-memory diagnostic 

I choose "install Windows 7" and it puts me in 
a command line window 
which remains blocked on "X: \ Windows \ system32> 

-and here is the The different scans reports of this w7 usb installation disk (which is disk F: / in these reports on the other netbook under w10) and the 
Youtube link show the scan: 

I am also looking for a Windows application capable of managing / optimizing the battery of the android phone from Windows 
when the smartphone is plugged into the pc Thank you ...



i learn & help within cloud of adaware forums with & because error on windows 7/acer aspire one D255's several errors and the errors on Win7 setup usb disks because of  my network & my Win7 usb disks/Win7 PC infected by botnet, and i'm french, i'm located in france and i speak french and i have problem with my transfert audio:



il se peut que notre Intel Compute Stick by Teryzia, pré-livré soit-disant avec dualboot Linux-Windows installé,
où je n'ai qu'à accès à windows,

il plante l'ors de l'utilisation de l'appli de capture vidéo "Ashampoo Snap 10" du coup la TV devient bleu marqué "Aucun Signal"
il est soit-disant infecté par Registry 1st Aid (Speeed PC Maximizer version lite) by MicroApplication/Avanquest depuis le 31/12/2020

la nouvelle application -PC Accelerate- est également installée

un bug chez Audacity et sur mon USB Cassette Capture, ainsi que sur mon vieux smartphone Samsung Galaxy Core Plus SM-G350:
-crash audacity avec envoi rapport plantage mais impossible de retrouver rapport
-clic clac/blocage cassette sur une face alors que le cassette marche parfaitement surtout sur l'autre face
-Smartphone Samsung galaxy Core Plus bloqué sur écran samsung noir -essayé avec Tenorshare Reiboot for Android
-périphérique capture est "réseau de microphone: pnp usb audio device" ou "microphone: usb pnp sound device" ?

Thank You/Merci...

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Hi Sifatal_En_Widen5,

This is an English speaking forum, if you find it difficult to write in English I'm sure that there are french-speaking forums in France.

Sorry, this isn't the right forum for questions about Windows installations, Ashampoo products, Registry Aid, Speed PC Maximizer and other products. The web site is dedicated to Adaware products. 

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Due to lack of feedback, this topic has been closed.If you need this topic reopened, please contact a staff member. This applies only to the original topic starter. Everyone else please begin a New Topic.Thank You !

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