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I recently installed Ad Aware SE and now get snail mail saying others have tried to send me emails but they can't get through. Edward


Hi Edward and thank you for your post!


Have you tried looking this problem up in the FAQ or among the other posts in the forum? If you haven't, please do so first. If you have and if there are no solutions to your problem, can you describe your problem a bit more specific?




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I recently installed Ad Aware SE

if you removed any items form your log file the items will have been quarantined.

I recommend that you open your Ad-aware then click on the settings tab (The Gear) then click on tweaks

then under the option for Cleaning engine un-tick/un-check the "Delete Quarantined objects after restoring"

then click on the proceed button

now use the WebUpDate to make sure that you have the latest Definition file then scan doing a "Full Scan" and then post your logfile here by using the Add-Reply Feature .

As Logs are stored in :

C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Lavasoft\Ad-aware\Logs\.

An easy way to get there is to

click Start,

click Run

And type in and press ENTER: %appdata%

then click Lavasoft

then Ad-Aware

and then Logs.

scroll down to find the latest one that you have

(by date & time)

and open it right Click select all

copy and then paste the contents of it here.

(Make sure that all of your Logfile has been posted, sometimes it will require two post's to get it all)

I recommend that you use the WebUpDate just before you scan that way you will always be up to date.


(note The Application Data is a hidden folder, so you will need to show hidden files and folders

and for Windows 98/ME users your logs are stored in

C:\WINDOWS\All Users\Application Data\ ) by default.


After posting your logfile please go back in to your settings and re-tick / re-check the "Delete Quarantined objects after restoring" option.

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