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Quarantine vs. Remove

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I'm a new user with just one question. I'm new enough that I don't want to delete the items identified in my initial scan. So I quarantined them, or thought I did. When I got finished quarantining and assigning a name to the quarantined list, I hit "next," and got a message that asked something like "Do you want to remove these 116 objects?"


I really didn't want to remove them, so I simply exited Ad-Aware. So, my question is, are my items quarantined, or did I need to say "yes" to the question about removing the 116 objects?


Thanks for your insights --



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Hi MichaelJ,


Part of the Quarantine process is that the items are removed from your system and "put under lock & key" in a quarantine file.


That way, they are unable to affect your system. You should keep a quarantine file for at least 2 -3 weeks, to ensure that no vital system or program file has been removed.


After that, it is up to you whether or not you keep the quarantine file on your system.


By the way, what type of files were the 116 detected? If any were MRUs (Most Recently Used items), you can stop them from being detected by configuring your scan as follows:




Note the red cross and green tick - (unless you want to be reminded of which particular programs etc that you have recently used, these detections just pad out and lengthen your scan log).


If any were Tracking Cookies (harmless but intrusive text files), then you can use a small utility from analogx called CookieWall. See my post in this Topic for a download link and screen-shots (post #8): tracking cookie wont go away





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