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Will Hummel

ClickSpring.PurityScan and other problem programs

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Hi,Will Hummel


Yes that's just what i am saying.




The steps that I am about to suggest involve modifying the registry. Modifying the registry can be dangerous so we will make a backup of the registry first.


Backup the Registry:


Navigate to Start | Run and paste the following:


regedit /e c:\registrybackup.reg


Now click OK

It won't appear to be doing anything, that's normal.

Your mouse pointer may turn to an hour glass for a minute.

Please continue when it no longer has the hour glass.





NOTE: You may need to right click and Save As


Download sharedaccess.reg (only for systems running Windows XP Service Pack 2) and save to Desktop. Then double-click the file to merge the contents to the registry. The Services entry will be created. Restart Windows (mandatory step, otherwise the following NETSH command will display an error message).



After restarting Windows, run this from Command Prompt (cmd.exe)




Launch firewall applet from Control Panel, and then configure your Windows Firewall settings.



and come back here after lit me know if this was any help to you.



Gogo ;)

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Thanks. My dad looked at that and just decided to get a different Firewall instead of messing with the computer anymore lol. Thanks for all your help and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays!


So I can now safely remove VirtumundoBeGone, Smitfraudfix, Panda's ActiveScan from my computer correct?


Thanks again so much man. I really do appreciate everything.

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Yeah I removed them. I kept AVG AntiSpyware 7.5, Ad-Adware, Windows Defender, and HijackThis. Thanks again for all your help. I'll make sure to be more safer this time around! Also I wish you and your family a merry Christmas as well! Happy holidays!

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