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keep finding malware

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I use AdAware SE personal and System Mechanic 6 along with a couple of other programs to keep spyware and other malware off of my computer. Lately I have noticed that I keep finding the same reg files being found by these programs. What is weird is, if I run AdAware first, and it finds NOTHING, then run System Mechanic, System mech. will find these 5 reg files...


HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT: batfile\shell\open\command""(notepad.exe %1)

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT: comfile\shell\open\command""(notepad.exe %1)

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT: piffile\shell\open\command""(notepad.exe %1)

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT: regfile\shell\open\command""(notepad.exe %1)

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT: scrfile\shell\open\command""(notepad.exe %1)


So I repair these files. Then I run AdAware again, and guess what? That's right, these same 5 files are now found by AdAware, even though it found NOTHING when I ran it before!


The same thing happens if I run System Mech. first, then AdAware second. Can someone explain this to me and suggest what to do. Is my computer at risk? Thanks in advance.

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Can anyone help? This is really bugging me.


If you run System Mechanic it's own security scripts will add these;



HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT:regfile\shell\open\command\notepad.exe %1


HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT:scrfile\shell\open\command\notepad.exe %1


One reason that Adawares is removing these scripts is because it thinks it

is a security vulnerability, and system mechanic will automatically put

the scripts back in.

Secondly, if Adawares removes them, System Mechanic will throw up these

reg files as being missing or corrupted and fix same.


Solution: Set Adawares to ignore these scripts, they are NOT Malware and

part of the System Mechanic security procedures.


Hope this helps

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