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Problems With Generic 4 Trojan

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Go to and enter the following:


Link to topic where this file was requested:

Browse to the file you want to submit: C:\Programmi\Toolbar\like_googlenew1.1a.dll

Leave any comments, further information about this file, or contact information: CLSID Toolbar: 25F97EB4-1C02-45BA-BA0C-E67AACE64D4A

BHO: 1D09A743-00ED-4713-BCC4-32D590D1087A


After that, clck on 'Send'.


Finally, post a new fresh hijackthis log here as your next answer. (Please not as an attachement.)

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Thank you for uploading the file; however, unfortunately it was not the one requested.


You uploaded a TFRC.tmp file, which is indeed malware (Trojan.Win32.Agent.ahp), but the one we'd like to have a look at was C:\Programmi\Toolbar\like_googlenew1.1a.dll


Could I please ask you to find and upload that one as well?


Thanks a lot for your cooperation! :wub:

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This time you picked the right one, but unfortunately it was a 0 byte file, which usually means your antivirus may be blocking it, or the file may be in use by another application.


Let's try it this way:


Please download Killbox.

Click killbox.exe.

Select the option "Delete on reboot".

Click the button: Single File (!important!)


Next, copy the following bold line:




Open 'file' in the killboxmenu on top and choose Paste from clipboard


Then press the button that looks like a red circle with a white X in it.

Killbox will tell you that all listed files will be removed on next reboot and asks if you would like to Reboot now, click YES

If you don't get that message, reboot manually.


Your computer should reboot now. The file in question will have been moved into a newly created folder called C:\!Killbox



Once it has rebooted, go back to , browse to that C:\!Killbox folder , Highlight that folder, then press "Send File', in order to submit it.



Much appreciated! :)i

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