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  2. Hi RemzDNB, It's easy to schedule the scans. Without scans the computer isn't safe.
  3. So by default, when I'm playing and a scan starts, it makes me go back to Windows. So just a simple question, are you dumb ? I don't even want to know if there's an option to disable it, I just uninstalled because this is way too retarded for me, better have spywares. Bye
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  5. So, after very long time fighting against bugs and problems in adaware, finally I found solution to all my problems...I uninstalled adaware and bought another antivirus software. Best thing is, just as I thought problems with adaware are made by adaware itself, because current antivirus I use works like a charm - exclude list dont disappear, system is not slowed when searching files, and also this protection, FULL PROTECTION, I was so stupid to use adaware free, which is bugged and also not offers full protection. Thanks Cecilia for all your help, adaware team should you and other volunteers pay money for your hard work doing for people. Bye and again thanks for everything Cecilia :)
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  7. You're welcome. Yes, if you didn't select to install adaware antivirus in compatible mode. Did you select that? Yes, since both programs have low level drivers that want to do the same thing (check all files that you open) the drivers can disturb each other and cause problems. The exception is if you select to install adaware antivirus in compatible mode since the low level drivers aren't installed in compatible mode, but then you probably need to configure Avast to ignore all folders of adware antivirus. In compatible mode adaware antivirus only is running when you select to scan the computer, it doesn't give you any realtime scanning of everything you open, download etc. Now I think it's best if you uninstall both antivirus programs, restart the computer, run the removal tool of both programs and restart the computer before installing the antivirus program that you to have. Removal tools:
  8. Thank you, CeciliaB. Yes, i used Avast Antivirus before installing Adaware-12 Antivirus. However, I did not uninstall the Avast before installing Adaware. That means, I have 2 anitivirus programmes on my pc, could this be the reason? Also, is it better to have 1 antivirus software as against having 2? Thanks.
  9. Hello, 

    I am a security research student, I recently found a security issue in <b> <b>

    how can I report the bug here?

    Are there any current bug bounty program?

    Any leads to a security team member or direct point of contact will be greatly appreciated. 

    Thank you.

    1. CeciliaB



      If there is a problem with, you've to ask the company/person behind Gosearchresult since Lavasoft/adaware software isn't responsible for what they do.

  10. Hi Roque_T, Sorry, but adaware web protection isn't supported any more and the browser add-ons haven't been updated during the last year. You cannot find any information about that product on the web site of adaware software now.
  11. Hi florida, It seems that Web Companion still is incompatible with Steam. Please uninstall Web Companion and afterwards see this topic:
  12. Hi florida, Your question has been moved to a new topic:
  13. Hi Sunny, Do you have a fast or slow internet connection? Which antivirus program did you use before the installation of adaware antivirus? It might be some left-overs of it that disturb adaware antivirus.
  14. Hi, I downloaded the Adaware 12 version some days back, and I have been trying to update the definitions but once it gets to 6 % it cuts off and starts all over. Please what could be the reason. Sunny
  15. In the setup, I have Personals/Dating/Romance checked but I could get to every dating site I could find. (Tinder, Match, OkCupid, Bumble, and the like). Why isn't this blocking dating websites as advertised?
  16. How do I update LavasoftTCPService.dll (Lavasoft Web Companion)? An incompatible version was detected inside the Stream process? Stream suggests updating or unistalling this software. I thought updating the Lavasoft adware would fix it, but it didn't.
  17. Hello @moisey! You have to choose strong password first. After that fill all reqired fields like these: If everything is ok you'll receive such email on your email box: Validate your email and everything might be all right. @CeciliaB Thank you for your advice to move it into General Support.
  18. You're welcome. Please wait and then try again when you've restarted the computer tomorrow (or when you do that). You can also check installed add-ons inside your browsers and if Web Companion is listed, you can uninstall or disable that add-on.
  19. thanks for your help I get a notification
  20. @taly , no need to apologize. I've moved your question from General Support to Web Companion. What happens when you try to uninstall via Control Panel? Since Web Companion is an add-on to browsers, it's probably important that you exit all browsers first.
  21. I'm sorry. It's a Web Companion. I can't to uninstall via control panel
  22. Hi @taly, Adaware software has several programs. Which program do you want to uninstall?
  23. Hi, how can I to uninstall the program?
  24. Hi moisey, This topic is about registering inside the adaware antivirus program. If you can't register on the web site, please start a new topic in the subforum General support.
  25. I expierence the same issue for now.Each time i try to register on login page of adaware it goes like: wrong captcha or other(((
  26. Thank you for f**cing up Steam because it wont work no matter what I do.

    1. Idontknowanynickname


      Why Steam won´t work with this shity program?


    2. CeciliaB


      You can try this suggestion:


    3. Idontknowanynickname
  27. Hi Titaniumspine, I would try that and if it doesn't help, please contact adaware support team through the menus in the program.
  28. I am a user of Total version 12, I recently updated and upgraded to the latest version and updated subscription to be good til may of 2020. I have the "Privacy Toolbox" installed on my computer, I upgraded my subscription from Pro to Total, (a Long while ago) when I try to use the functions of the Total program, such as "Shred or Encrypt" I am taken to the "Toolbox" opening screen saying it needs to be updated, and that my subscription has ended. I was under the impression that the program or at least the options the program gives such as encryption and shred were included in the Total Antivirus program. Why am I getting a message that I need to renew my subscription for a fee of $29.00 after I have paid for the "Adaware Antivirus Total"? I found out this problem when I tried to use the shred feature on a folder. Anyone have a clue as to why this is happening or what I can do to fix this? Thanks a Bunch and I hope others have a great day. Do I have to uninstall the "Toolbox" and reinstall the Antivirus again? Thanks in advance to anyone who replies or has any ideas.
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