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  3. Hi Titaniumspine, I would try that and if it doesn't help, please contact adaware support team through the menus in the program.
  4. I am a user of Total version 12, I recently updated and upgraded to the latest version and updated subscription to be good til may of 2020. I have the "Privacy Toolbox" installed on my computer, I upgraded my subscription from Pro to Total, (a Long while ago) when I try to use the functions of the Total program, such as "Shred or Encrypt" I am taken to the "Toolbox" opening screen saying it needs to be updated, and that my subscription has ended. I was under the impression that the program or at least the options the program gives such as encryption and shred were included in the Total Antivirus program. Why am I getting a message that I need to renew my subscription for a fee of $29.00 after I have paid for the "Adaware Antivirus Total"? I found out this problem when I tried to use the shred feature on a folder. Anyone have a clue as to why this is happening or what I can do to fix this? Thanks a Bunch and I hope others have a great day. Do I have to uninstall the "Toolbox" and reinstall the Antivirus again? Thanks in advance to anyone who replies or has any ideas.
  5. Hi Artem, Good that you can post. I don't know why the forum thought that you'd replied. Computers are strange
  6. Hi @CeciliaB! That is strange I didn't post a lot. Can you see my message?
  7. Hi @LSArtem, Can't you post? I get many notices that you've posted but I don't see any replies. If you can't post, please send me a PM.
  8. this happens to me either but you have to show patience bro it will finish and work for you peace
  9. Hi Justin, I think few free antivirus programs, including adaware antivirus free, would block a remote connection since they don't contain a firewall. I haven't seen any problems in other forums when people has been using the similar and more common program Teamviewer in computers with various antivirus programs.
  10. Hello, Is Adaware free antivirus compatible with chrome remote desktop? I am using Windows 7 Professional x64 SP1. I have not installed Adaware Free Antivirus yet. I am currently trying to find a free antivirus that is compatible with chrome remote desktop. So that I can remotely login into my computer when away from it. Thank You, Justin B.
  11. Hi Alessio, I think it's the same problem and solution as described in this post: Since you've the free version, nothing will stop working when you follow that instruction. I'd appreciate if you can post the solution in the other topics that you've found while searching for a solution.
  12. After upgrading FREENAS from version 11 to version 12. Access is denied by any browser if I block the antivirus (free edition) everything works correctly. It's not just my problem but it seems to be everyone's problem thanks in advance
  13. Many thanks Cecilia for getting back to me. Well I'm not going to follow up on this because it will most likely cost more time than it will save! But I'll be back with a real dump question to follow the last one. ;o) Mike.
  14. Due to lack of feedback, this topic has been closed.If you need this topic reopened, please contact a staff member. This applies only to the original topic starter. Everyone else please begin a New Topic.Thank You !
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    Hi stevesxm, Are you using adaware antivirus free, antivirus pro, adaware ad block or one of the other product from adaware software?
  16. stevesxm


    I love the software but keep getting upgrade and software nag screens. how do I get rid of this stuff. it really pisses me off
  17. Hi Mikevienna, Sorry, I don't know since none in the company informs the volunteers here about their deals. You can try to contact the support team through the menus in adaware antivirus pro.
  18. Morning all from a fairly cool Vienna, My question is that I have seen this morning on the website an advert stating if you buy 'Adaware Pro' you get 3 licenses in a "3 for 1" deal. Can anyone please tell me since when has this offer been in effect available? As you might have guessed I purchased my Pro less than 24 hrs ago but I went straight to the purchase section and didn't notice this offer as I was in a bit of a rush! Naturally I would like to take advantage of this offer, 😊 Mikevienna
  19. Hi ashu, Please see this topic:
  20. my activation key is lost please help me to activated my antivirus product keys...
  21. Hello! I can't reproduce this bug, so I can't say something right now for this case. I will notify devs and admins to check again installation process. I suppose the problem is with network.
  22. It's a known problem and it's Web Protection in adaware that blocks the access of the printer. They're working on a solution that will be included in the next major release of adaware, but I don't know the time plans for future versions. In the mean time it's possible to disable Web Protection by following this instruction: 1. Please stop Ad-Aware service (make a right click on the Ad-Aware icon in the tray menu and choose "Stop Ad-Aware service") 2. Go to c:\Program Files\adaware\adaware antivirus\AdAwareProxyEngine\\ 3. In this folder you need to rename "httproxy.dll" file ( (e.g. to httproxy.dll.notused, do not remove the file,). 4. Start Ad-Aware service (make a right click on the Ad-Aware icon in the tray menu and choose "Start Ad-Aware service" or restart the computer) .
  23. thanks @ceciliaB for the effort ^^
  24. Sorry to hear that. If you send a private message with your name, email address and preferably order number to me (don't post it in the forum), I can ask my contact person why you haven't got a reply. I assume that you have logged in to the web mail and checked the spam folder.
  25. I'm afraid not. Tried to contact them through the app last Thursday night, but have heard nothing back.
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